Karlien van Jaarsveld documents the moment her newborn meets his siblings and it's heartwarming

2020-04-06 15:41
Karlien Van Jaarsveld
Karlien Van Jaarsveld (Photo: Gallo)

Singer Karlien van Jaarsveld has documented the precious moment her newborn, Johannes Samuel, arrived home and met his siblings for the first time.

Karlien and her husband Joe Breytenbach welcomed their son on 1 April.

Karlien announced the pregnancy in October and told Huisgenoot that although it was unplanned, she couldn't be happier about the news, and that Elah (2), Daniel, and Eliah (5) are looking forward to welcoming another sibling. 

In the video, Karlien is in tears, and her three children greet her at the door. One asks: "Is he sleeping?" before the kids rush to the car to greet their baby brother.

The sweet moment will you have you in your feelings as all three siblings say: "Hello little brother," for the first time.

In a second video, the children help their mother as she gives Johannes his first bath at home. "Most of the help, I don't really want, but it looks like this is everyone's baby," she jokes. 

Karlien has twin boys from a previous marriage and a daughter with her husband.

One of the boys ask if she did everything the same way when they were small, to which she replies: "The same."

Compiled by Graye Morkel