Kelly Khumalo's mojo is back on track

2017-07-02 14:00
Kelly Khumalo (Photo Supplied)

Johannesburg - “I am really blessed, happy and in a good space,” songstress Kelly Khumalo declared to City Press on Saturday. She is having the time of her life for the first time in 13 years in the showbiz industry.

The singer, whose life has been marred by drama with her often making controversial news headlines in recent years, appears to be bouncing back as her career is set to blossom once again.

Khumalo recently scored herself a new television talk-show called Love and Matrimony, which debuted on Saturday night on GauTV  (DStv channel 265) at 19:30. The show is all about love, marriage and break-ups.

The vocalist, who has had her fair share of experience when it comes to matters of the heart, will be hosting other celebrities on her show to share their experiences of love.

She will put her guests in the hot seat in an up-close- and-personal chat about their love and relationship experiences. She hopes to get them to open up about their understanding and interpretation of love and how they are handling it themselves.


And for her debut show, she did not go far from home for her first guest. Younger sister and BFF Zandile Khumalo, who is also a singer, was her first guest to take to the hot seat. Why her sister? Khumalo says Zandile is the closest married person she knows that is deeply in love.

“It was really an honour ... my sister is a newly-wed and it’s been exciting for me seeing her transiting from being my single baby sister to, now, my married baby sister. She doesn’t always share intimate details of her marriage with me [but] it was really fun and insightful to hear where she stands and feels about love and marriage,” Khumalo says.

She says as sisters, they confide in each other and share secrets. Having her in the studio as a guest was not any different from their normal sisterly conversation, she said.

Sister Sister I love me some Her??

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City Press caught up with Khumalo as she primped herself for the Vodacom Durban July. The singer has become a queen of the red carpet. Her long orange dress was a show-stopper at the Samas recently. For the July, Khumalo wore a cobalt blue chiffon empire gown embellished with cobalt and copper crystal stones along the empire front-line – to complement the 'The Colour of Magic' theme of the annual horse-racing event.

“It’s translucent and takes well to different forms of lighting. Magic is what the mind reads and the letters are in the colour blue,” she said self-approvingly.


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Her outfit is always chock-a-block with details, so the shoes and jewellery become just a point of reference at the end of her closet journey.

“There is nothing as great as a designer that you don’t have to go to and consult each time. Tsotetsi [Khothatso Tsotetsi of Tsotetsi KL, who has been dressing the songstress for the last five years] understands me to a point where I do not see my dresses until backstage or at the event. No one could ask for a better designer,” she said.

Tsotetsi could not agree more. “We always plan Kelly’s outfit immediately once we get off the carpet. The process behind each look begins with a concept and storyboard phase to make-up and hair. Then Kelly and the office will confirm the looks and give production a go-ahead.”


With violence against women and their horrific deaths being on the increase, Khumalo will dedicate the month of August to all the abused women and children that will appear on her TV show. A special show has been planned and she promised it “will be a night to remember”.

So what keeps her going? “God keeps me going; he is my strength, my refuge and my everything. Seeing my kids grow and live the lives they do really inspires me to push even harder and work for them.”