Khanyi Mbau gets dragged for giving Lasizwe a fake ‘nose job’ in latest snap

2020-02-18 15:33
Khanyi Mbua and Lasizwe Dambuza (PHOTO :Gallo/Gett
Khanyi Mbua and Lasizwe Dambuza (PHOTO :Gallo/Getty Images)

Entertainer, Khanyi Mbau is no stranger to controversy over the many cosmetic adjustments she’s made to her body but when she edited her brother, Lasizwe’s features in a picture of them together, tweeps dragged her for taking it too far.

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In the image, which was posted by both Khanyi and Lasizwe onto their Instagram pages, the two siblings can be seen holding hands as they pose for a picture during an event – however, in Khanyi’s picture, Lasizwe’s nose seems to have been edited to look a lot smaller and sharper. He also appears to be fairer than in his original picture.

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Tweeps quickly noticed the differences between the two pictures and some even notice how Khanyi had edited the fit of her dress on herself.

Many tweeps expressed their anger over Khanyi’s editing while others claimed that she hated herself.

Take a look at some reactions to the picture below.