Khanyi Mbau stands by controversial 'Dove' tweets

2017-10-10 16:28
Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Beauty brand Dove came under fire following a controversial ad campaign on Monday.

The brand was accused of racism over the ad showing a black woman removing her brown shirt to reveal a white woman in a beige shirt. The ad then ends with the white woman who peels off her shirt to reveal another woman of apparently Asian descent.

The brand later published an apology on social media saying it had "missed the mark in representing women of colour thoughtfully." 

Local TV personalist Khanyi Mbau expressed her opinions on social media tweeting: "Dove made a mistake by putting the black woman first, it took the message out of context."

Khanyi received major backlash on Twitter after defending the controversial ad campaign but says that she stands by her comments.  

"My view on this whole issue is that South Africans need to let the race thing rest now, we have become too sensitive about everything, the slightest thing we think is an attack on the black man. But I think as black people we have deep seated issues and we suffer from an inferiority complex and have psychological issues that we honestly need to deal with," she said. 

After watching the entire clip Khanyi said: "People had not seen the whole advert but a four square image and assumed it was an attack on being black n proud. Now that the whole advert has been release it shows an Indian woman too. If the white woman was first it would have been different." 

She ends off by saying: "Forget my choices on skin lightening, when will the black man evolve and see himself as a worldly citizen and not the victim. It's time to evolve."