Khanyi to Lasizwe: Never doubt my love for you

2017-09-26 11:14
Khanyi Mbau, Lasizwe Dambuza (Photo: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau)

Johannesburg – It’s no secret that Khanyi Mbau is proud of her baby brother, she has said so herself.

And why wouldn’t she be? Lasizwe Dambuza has become a favourite of many on social media, with his hilarious videos that we just can't get enough of.

Speaking of which, you have to see his spoof of Being Bonang

Showing some love to her bro once again, Khanyi captioned an Instagram post: “My boy… I am terribly hard on you because I see the potential and talent you have… never doubt my love for you for a second. Tough love, real love. Proud to be your sister.” 

Take a look at the sweet post below: