Khaya Mthethwa gushes over Ntando: She's an incredible human being

2018-02-23 06:00
Ntandoyenkosi Mthethwa, Khaya Mthethwa (Photo: Instagram/Khaya Mthethwa)

Johannesburg – Speaking to Bonnie Mbuli on Afternoon Express, Gospel singer Khaya Mthethwa opened up about his marriage to former Miss SA Ntandoyenkosi. 

Pointing out that he had not been in a relationship with Ntando for very long before getting married, Bonnie questioned how Khaya made the decision to tie the knot.   

“To be honest with you, I didn’t plan on getting married last year, that was not part of like the plan of my life. I think it was just something that I felt in my heart. I think I had been preparing for marriage for quite a bit. But when we met, with Ntando, I just knew this is it for me,” Khaya responded with a smile. 

The sweetest thing in my life! ??

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The singer gushed over his beautiful wife when asked how he knew she was the one. 

“I think she’s an incredible human being. She’s got a strong character. She’s very strong-willed. She comes from a phenomenal family. A well-educated young woman who is well-spoken, who is so talented within herself. And all those attributes of her caring nature, loving her family, being such an awesome person, just culminates into this beautiful person that I get a chance to spend the rest of my life with,” he said.