Kyle Deutsch steps into the Coke Studio

2016-10-14 14:22


Kyle Deutsch (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – This week on Coke Studio young producer Fenesse teams up with singer Kyle Deutsch and rapper Big Star.   

First-timers in the Coke Studio, the artists are challenged with finding a middle ground that accommodates their individual styles in just two days. But in-house producer, Wilson, soon steps in to shake things up, creating another flaming hot Coke Studio hit.  

Next, Durban-born singer and songwriter, Ash, and top Angolan hitmaker, Landrick, together with Zimbabwean producer, Mr. Kamera, take centre stage. 

The chemistry is immediate, and before long they’re humming melodies and sharing concepts. However, the fun and games soon come to a halt when Ash realises he might lose the signature style he’s known for.  

Will they resolve their differences to deliver a slamming song? Tune into Coke Studio on Saturday at 18:05 to find out, only on