Lady Nam is the director of her own destiny

2016-10-07 12:12


Lady Nam
Lady Nam (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Taking LA and Hollywood by storm, Nambitha Ban-Mazwi, aka Lady Nam, bagged herself an exclusive invite to the Directors Guild of America by well-known director, Bill Fishman.

By invitation only, well-known directors and VIP guests were invited to watch an old movie screening of French Connection A conversation with director William Friedkin.

We got to ask her some questions:

What was that like sitting in a room filled with well-known Hollywood directors?

Absolute awe. I think I am still recovering. Directors are a funny bunch. Very peculiar and often casual in appearance, you wouldn't think you are attending a spectacular event as they are unassuming and not glamorous at all. I was still in my day clothes and flats, so I fit right into the evening screenings. The best part was the cocktail party where we got to mingle and hear some fascinating stories from these directors and their day to day squeals of Hollywood.

As the director stood on stage and took you through the movie, what went through your mind as an actress?

Funny, Bill Fishman kept checking up on me, often asking if I wanted to leave early as I might find the nerdy director talk boring - as an actress. Boy, was he wrong. He would rewind and take us through each scene. He was able to recall each person, whether insignificant (no one is ever insignificant in a film) or not 45 years later!

I was particularly impressed with how they were able to execute this chase scene with such a low budget and often with just one camera. The DOP (director of photography) hand held work without the technology we have now, was most impressive. 

What did you take away from the experience?

There is magic in making movies. 

Lady Nam

As an actress, what words of advice did Bill give you?

To stay myself as there is a light that I carry that no one else has.

Lastly, did you enjoy the 40+ year old movie? 

Of course! it was a movie with not much dialogue but that kept you captivated at all times.

You then went to the iconic restaurant Yamashiro, describe the experience and what it was like?

Yamashiro is a iconic restaurant rich in history and authentic in architect brought from Japan, situated right on top of the Hollywood Hills. It was a 5 minute drive to my apartment so the view of LA is impeccable.

Bill drives an iconic vintage car from one of his movies which people often take pictures of while we drove around LA. It was a spectacle arriving in the valet as the restaurant glared at his car. It felt like a typical Hollywood movie scene. The food, particularly the sushi with sticky rice was by far my favourite.

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