Lasizwe awarded silver play button from YouTube for reaching 100k subscribers

2019-04-01 11:24
Lasizwe (Photo: Instagram/Lasizwe)

Johannesburg – Social media star Lasizwe has received a silver play button from YouTube for reaching 100 000 subscribers on the video sharing website. 

Chatting to The Juice, the presenter shared a message for his supporters, thanking them for believing in him.

"It takes one person to make a difference in someone's life. To all 100 000 people who have subscribed and invested in my craft, I want to say thank you."

The star started his channel in January 2017, with his first video garnering over 170 000 views (at the time of publishing). 


He tells us that his most watched video right now is a "South African drive-thru" skit he did which has over 600 000 views (at the time of publishing). 


Lasizwe says the next goal for him is the gold play button, which you achieve when you reach 1 million followers, and then eventually the diamond button which is awarded to YouTubers who hit the 10 million mark. 

The TV personality is not the only young SA star to receive this award from YouTube.

In 2018 Nasty C also received a silver play button.