Lasizwe on landing new Fanta gig: I was shook

2018-01-17 14:00
Lasizwe Dambuza (Photo: Instagram/Lasizwe Dambuza)

Johannesburg – YouTube personality Lasizwe’s list of jobs just keeps getting bigger.

Besides his TV and radio gigs, the star has now bagged himself a deal with Fanta as their Teen Marketing Director. 

“I was shook. I was like oh my God, how can I be a director at 19? It’s crazy. I’m into making people laugh, being on TV and radio, now I have an office,” Lasiwe tells The Juice. 

As the teen Marketig Director for the brand the star is in charge of brainstorming “what’s cool and trending”. His job also entails coming up with “a good strategy to get teens off alcohol and drinking Fanta.” 

He may have an office job now, but Lasizwe says he still plans on keeping things colourful. “In the office we don’t wear suits. Especially as director, they said I must wear a suit, I’m like I’m a teenager I can’t be wearing suits. I’m a director babe, but I’ll be wearing my sweatpants and my skinny jeans.”