Leave Sister Betina alone...

2017-08-22 11:33
Picture: Mgarimbe Facebook Page

Johannesburg - It all started with a Facebook letter from DJ Twitty to South African House music fans.

In his letter the DJ requested to do a remix of the hit single Sister Bethina by Mgarimbe (real name Nkosinathi Mfeka).

But the reception from loyal fans of the Sister Bethina banger wasn’t what the DJ expected.

“Yeyy! Leave sister bethina alone, have you ever heard of someone making a remix of the National Anthem? [sic[,” tweeted an angry tweep to DJ Twitty.

Black Twitter immediately roasted the DJ and insinuated his career wasn’t deserving of remixing a song of that calibre.

“You haven't released a hit song in over 20 years, bcos ur all dried out of creativity. What makes you think...Yaz, tholukuth' uyasijwayela [sic],” replied another tweep to the DJ.

You’d think being roasted by Black Twitter would be enough for a day, but Mgarimbe himself had more in store for the former Afrotainment DJ.

He posted info that reportedly exposed the type of person he thinks DJ Twitty is and more.

In his posts Mgarimbe started by saying he and DJ Twitty used to be good friends. However, he claims things turned sour when DJ Twitty slept with his girlfriend while Mgarimbe was passed out in the car.

Mgarimbe also revealed that after the alleged incident he suffered with low self-esteem – to the point where he wanted nothing to do with relationships and the music industry.

“But I understood coz Twitty had more money than me, was good-looking and mina I’m broke and ugly so nam nga understanda as ulova [sic],” Mgarimbe said.

DJ Twitty has since apologised to Mgarimbe in a tweet: “Hayi kugrand bro if that's how it's gonna be @RealMgarimbe shaming me in public kanje but all I can say is I'm Sorry about the past!”

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