Lexi van Niekerk encourages fans to embrace their flaws

2017-05-02 20:00


Lexi van Niekerk (Photo: instagram)

Johannesburg – Reality star Lexi van Niekerk encouraged fans to love their bodies with a motivational post she shared on Monday. 

The star pointed out that she had gained some weight after a back injury, going on to highlight a few issues about the impact social media can have on your body image. 

“There are so many women out there idolising some of these ‘picture perfect’ women on IG or magazines,” she wrote. 

“Instagram can be a lie, most times,” Lexi warned further on in the post, mentioning that there are “ways, angles and clothes” that can make you appear slimmer in pics. 

“I want to be a positive influence to every girl and woman who is struggling with body insecurities and self-love,” she added. 

Take a look at the post here: