Linda Mtoba on her husband's kidnapping incident: 'I thank God everyday for his safety'

2019-12-02 11:37

Cape Town - This time last year wasn’t a very pleasant time for actress Linda Mtoba.

She recently took to her Twitter page to share how terrified she was when she heard that her husband was hijacked and kidnapped.

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Briefly sharing what happened with her 870 000 followers, the 29-year-old wrote:

"On this day last year my husband was hijacked and taken for hours. I thank God everyday for his safety. Today we’re together with our daughter. It would’ve taken a second for one of the hijackers to get mad & kill him."

When one of her followers reminded her that she was also involved in a car accident around the same time, the actress further explained the details.

"Yes, my mother & I. We were on our way to fetch my husband at the police station. The Lord was with us that night. What a mess."

"They found it [the car her husband was driving when hijacked] in February but it only got to us in May, it was parked in a garage as it was," the mother-of-one wrote.