Lira vs ex-drummer: Both sides of the story

2016-09-09 15:02
Lira (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – The internet is going crazy after Lira’s former drummer, Joshua Zacheus, "exposed" the singer on his social media accounts on Friday. 

Here’s what happened: 

Joshua, who was part of Lira’s live band, went on a social media rant in which he made claims against Lira and her husband. 

In the rant Joshua used the hashtag #LiraMustFall to explain how he was replaced in the band. 

Lira said: "Josh someone sent us a screengrab of you saying you're unhappy and you're out of the band" that's why Robin replaced me without telling me or paid me cancellation for confirmed gig dates reserved or the Dream chaser, Reality Show,” he wrote. 

The drummer, who says he took Lira to the CCMA, also brought up how much he was paid for rehearsals. “Who wouldn't be unhappy with years of R150 per rehearsal fee, R150 Perdium regardless of distance, same fee whether local and international for as long as I can remember.” 

He went on to take aim at the singers husband/manager Robin Kohl, saying Robin referred to him as “his slave & bitch on the US Dream chaser tour.” 

Lira’s team speaks: 

Speaking to The Juice, Robin confirmed that Joshua was a part of the band. “What we have here is the case of a band member being dismissed for numerous reasons months ago.” 

He went on to say that they had not heard from the drummer for a few months until today when he decided to “vindictively” air his grievances on social media on Robin's birthday and wedding anniversary. 

Speaking about the CCMA matter Joshua refers to in his rant, Robin confirms that they were summoned to appear in front of the CCMA but says “within 20 minutes of the moderation the case was withdrawn.” 

On why he thinks Joshua handled things the way he did, Robin says it may have something to do with the musician's unemployment. 

“My belief is that he doesn’t have work at the moment,” he said. Adding that he has “spread a bunch of vicious and inaccurate rumours.”

Check out Joshua's full rant below: