LISTEN: Ex-Idols contestant Chad Saaiman has a new single

2016-08-17 05:00
Chad Saaiman (photo: Instagram)
Chad Saaiman (photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – In his new song titled Nights, Chad Saaiman reminisces about nights out in The Mother City. 

The song features smooth vocals over an up-tempo beat and was produced by MPJ, a Cape Town based beat-maker. 

Saaiman debuted the song on his YouTube and fans have welcomed the offering, which also signifies a homecoming for the artist who has recently moved back to Cape Town after living in Johannesburg for a number of years. 

Here’s what Chad had to say about the track in the YouTube description:

“The song is a throwback to the nights of my youth growing up in Cape Town, and a celebration of my life right now. I wanted to create a classic yet fun track that represents where I am from and shows gratitude to where I’m at.”

Listen to the song here: 

See the reaction from fans here: