LISTEN: Here's a snippet of the song Black Coffee recorded with fan Yoza Mnyanda

2017-03-02 07:00
Black Coffee (Photo: Gallo)
Black Coffee (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – Black Coffee is a man of his word. The DJ made fan, Yoza Mnyanda, extremely happy when he agreed to record a song with her after she took a chance and asked on Twitter

In video shared on Yoza’s account, Black Coffee explains that he noticed the singer’s tweet way before the rest of the twitterverse did. 

“After I said yes, I then realised a lot of people that were trying to pass on the message. I didn’t see all that.” 

After watching the video of Yoza in action, Black Coffee says he liked what he saw. “I saw that, and then I was like, nice voice, you know it’s her birthday, let’s do it.” 

Speaking about the song they’re working on, the DJ added, “Special song. I still have a lot to do. She’s done her part for now. It sounds amazing.” 

Watch the clip of Yoza and Black Coffee here: 

Take a listen to a snippet of the song below: