LISTEN: J’Something’s heartrending tribute to ‘father figure’ Hugh

2018-01-23 14:51
PHOTO: Screengrab from Heaven In You music video

In a voice clip sent to YOU, J’Something has revealed how much Hugh Masekela meant to him, as an icon, a collaborator and friend.

The pair had recently joined forces for the jazzy hit, Heaven in YOU. Shooting the music video for the track involved spending a week with Hugh.

“In those seven days, I was a sponge,” the MiCasa star said. “I received so much wisdom. It’s priceless really.”

“He was more than a legend,” he continued. “He went on to become a mentor and a very close father figure in my life.”

Listen to the full clip below:

Earlier today, J’Something took to Instagram to honour his friend.

The 78-year old jazz legend passed away peacefully in Johannesburg today, surrounded by his family.