LISTEN: Lunga Shabalala once worked at a funeral parlour

2017-01-21 06:01


Lunga Shabalala (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Turns out being a sexy TV star is not the only job that Lunga Shabalala has done in his life. Speaking to Arye and Kat on Touch Central, the presenter listed the many jobs he once had, including working at his grandfather's funeral parlour. 

“I started working when I was 12,” Lunga told the radio duo, adding that his first job was as an assistant at his uncle's welding company. 

“I actually worked at a funeral parlour for about two years,” the model went on to tell, saying that he did “every single thing” when he worked there. 

When questioned about what he learned from that experience, Lunga had the Touch Central team cracking up with his response. 

“Dead people are the best to work with. They don’t complain, they stay where they’re supposed to stay, they’re very consistant,” he said. 

Talking about a mishap he had while working at the funeral parlour, Lunga explained how he had ruined his sneakers when blood came gushing out of a body he was moving. 

Listen to the clip here.