LISTEN: Mark Stent and Rouge's new summer banger

2016-10-29 06:00


Rouge, Mark Stent
Rouge, Mark Stent (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - We're so excited to announce that South African EDM hitmaker, DJ Mark Stent, and hip-hop chart topper, Rouge, have collaborated to perform and produce the summer smash hit single, Takeover

You can purchase the summer banger here.

We spoke to Mark about his new track and here's what he had to say:

1. What inspired the track?
It was originally an experiment, which i sent by mistake to Andrew (from David Gresham records), and he put me in touch with Rouge. I fell in love with her input and flow immediately, and Takeover was born!

2. How would you describe Takeover in three words?
Fun. Catchy. Infectious

3. Can you take us through your writing and recording process? 
Usually i put together the melody and chords first, then i build the bassline and drums, then it's the arrangement. From there i send it off to the vocalist and once we have an idea we hit the studio to record. Once i have the vocal stems recorded, its time to integrate them into the track and mix it down. Lastly it gets sent to Carl Von Hoesslin for mastering and polishing.

4. Why did you want to collaborate with Rouge?
I've never worked with a rapper before and when Andrew suggested it, I stalked all her videos and loved her vibe, lyrical strength and flow. She has an energy about her that totally inspires me.

5. What was it like working with Rouge?
She is probably one of the most talented, dedicated and focused artists i have ever work with. I was totally blown away by how quickly she wrote lyrics and how perfect her delivery was. I gave her the nickname "one-take" Rouge. It was a great honour for me to work with someone of her calibre.

6. What makes the track so perfect for a summer anthem?
I think it has elements that appeal to everyones happy side. The hook is so catchy and the melody makes you want to stomp your feet and shake your booty every time you hear it. I also think it appeals to a wide variety of markets, house fans, hip-hop fans, kwaito fans and ever commercial-heads will find some element of it to relate to.

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