LISTEN: Thanks to Luminary we can finally listen to Trevor Noah's podcast in SA! He told us why you should tune in

2020-03-06 07:46
Comedian Trevor Noah.
Trevor Noah. (Getty Images)

I've admired Trevor Noah's work for many years.

I've known him as Trevor the actor, the stand-up comedian, and later, the Daily Show host. But Trevor the podcast host? This was a side of him I had not really seen. 

Strip away the lights, the cameras, and the crowds, and you're left with an unfiltered version of the comedian – like sitting in your living room and chatting to an old friend. I turned up the volume on my computer as I allowed myself to be immersed in the conversation. 


Joined by fellow comedian David Kibuuka, Trevor's podcast, simply named, The Trevor Noah Podcast, is an excellent mix between light-hearted talks and hard-hitting discussions. 

Trevor agrees that the podcast has allowed him to "explore a different side" of himself. 

"I get to engage with ideas and conversations in ways that I don't normally," he tells me during a telephone conversation. 

Available on Luminary – a subscription service which provides access to several exclusive shows – The Trevor Noah Podcast premiered its second season on Wednesday 4 March. 

With Luminary recently expanding into the South African market, local fans will now have full access to Trevor's podcast.

While the first season of the show was more "issue driven", the talk show host says season two is all about "finding interesting people [and] having conversations with them. And then just sometimes having interesting conversations between myself and Dave."

Trevor's speaks fondly of David Kibuuka. Not surprisingly – the two have come a long way together. 

"I've always loved chatting and hanging out with David Kibuuka from South Africa. We've been close friends, and he came with me to work on The Daily Show, and he's helped me with that since the beginning. We've always been great friends. We started doing comedy together," he shares. 

This friendship is key, because once Trevor and David get behind those microphones, it's that connection that keeps the conversation going, and the listener fixated. 

Trevor is delighted that South Africans will now be able to form part of these discussions. 

"I'm excited for everyone to hang out with me. Especially because I miss home all the time, and I know a lot of South African's will say, 'Oh, we miss you, and we miss just hearing you talk about life and things'. Some people go like, 'Oh, The Daily Show, it's great, but it's very much about American politics', which is what the show is and what it was founded in. This is a different forum where you can just hang out with Trevor Noah and David Kibuuka."

And if you're tuning in expecting something ordinary, you're in the wrong place. 

"One thing I can guarantee you is that our podcast is not normal, and that's not what we're trying to be, which is really good."

South Africans can join the Luminary podcast service for R34.99 per month or R249.99 for a yearly subscription.