LISTEN: Unathi talks about leaving radio and penning a book

2017-05-03 10:00


Unathi Msengana (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, former Metro FM presenter Unathi Msengana opened up about her decision to leave radio as well as what her life has been like since breaking the news to fans in March. 

The TV personlity, who spent 10 years at Metro, responded with a simple “no” when Gareth asked is she feels pressure, saying that was part of the reason she decided to leave. “That’s why I just left radio, cause I was on some, I don’t like what’s going on right now and I’m not gonna put up with it anymore cause I’m actually great at what I do.” 

And in case you were thinking there was some drama behind it all, the star says she thought it was time for her move on.

“It’s knowing when to bow out gracefully and graciously. Knowing when to be appreciative of the success. It was 10 years on Metro, six years on breakfast,” she explained. 

So what has Unathi been getting up to since leaving the station? Besides throwing back a couple of drinks midweek with her friends, she also let slip that she is working on a book about her weight-loss journey. 

Listen to the full interview here.