Local Afrikaans singer’s son diagnosed with H1N1

2016-09-14 17:32
Pieter Koen and family (Photo: Gallo)
Pieter Koen and family (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - South African singer Pieter Koen told Huisegenoot that his middle son – Jayden – was diagnosed with H1N1 or swine flu as it is more commonly known. 

The star told the Afrikaans magazine that he rushed his son to hospital after the 8-year-old complained of a sore throat and could hardly open his eyes. 

The child was then admitted to the hospital and recovered relatively quickly.

Here’s a pic of little Jayden on his birthday from his dad’s Facebook: 

The singer added that though Jayden is now illness free but his eldest son Jouvan also battled with a bout of flu that was remedied quickly as well.