Locnville just gave us the cutest #TBT

2016-05-19 14:38
(Photo: The Famous Frouws)

Johannesburg – We all know that two is better than one. For example, why have one yummy candy bar when you can have two? Also, Locnville.

The twins have been the epitome of SA eye-candy for a while now. Turns out they were even cuter as babies. We know what you’re thinking, “that’s not possible!” 

The guys gave us the cutest #TBT we’ve seen in a while, throwing it all the way back to their baby days.

On Thursday Locnville posted a pic on their Instagram account of themselves #twinning as babies, captioned, “#TBT to when we were lumps with hair.”

#TBT to when we were lumps with hair

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That’s a full 10 on the adorable scale right there!