Locnville warn fans against WhatsApp scam

2016-11-03 15:00
Locnville (photo credit: Instagram)
Locnville (photo credit: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Beware: If you have ever received a WhatsApp message from Locnville asking for a pic and your location, you were probably being scammed. 

The Locnville twins shared a shocking message with fans on Twitter warning them about scam artists who have been using their identity to trick women into sending them pictures and their locations. 

“We’ve been made aware that someone is impersonating us on whatsapp and other platforms to get girls to send pics and locations, it’s NOT US!” the guys tweeted. 

In another tweet they added, “Please be aware that if you receive any type of communication from ‘us’ on whatsapp or similar, it is not us. Do not send pics or location!!”