LootLove celebrates 1 million Instagram followers with cute pic of her twins

2019-10-25 14:56

Johannesburg – Reaching 1 million followers on Instagram is a large feat, and definitely worth a celebration.  

The latest local star to join the 1 million club is LootLove. The TV personality thanked fans for their support by sharing a photo of herself with her twins, Sisizwe and Zanothando.  

"This is my 'THANKS FOR A MILLION FOLLOWERS' post ft Lil Miss S & Lil Miss Z! Defs wouldn't have hit a Milly without them OR you!" Loot wrote.  

She also gave us a little behind-the-scenes info from the photoshoot that the pic originates from, joking that the image looks "a lot more together" than it was in reality.  

"Please note Miss Z doesn't even have her romper on… this shoot also started about 3 hrs later than it should've. It was a PR shoot that became their production!" she added.