Lorna Maseko on her hot new role and making friends with Ed Sheeran

2017-11-14 15:00
Lorna Maseko (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Between running her own businesses, presenting for TV and now even taking on a small acting role, it’s safe to say Lorna Maseko is one busy woman.

The restaurant owner and Top Billing star took some time to chat to us about what she’s been up to lately, including guest-starring in the upcoming Showmax original series Tali’s Wedding Diary in which she plays a dance choreographer. 

Take a look at our chat with Lorna below: 

You’re role in Tali’s Wedding Diary was your first acting gig. What was the experience like for you? 

It was amazing. I think because the crew was so cool and everybody was so chilled it just made the experience really fun. And it wasn’t like too scripted which is also kind of fun as well. I really, really enjoyed it.

Would you say it was easier or a little more difficult than presenting? 

Because it was something that I knew, in terms of when I talk about choreography or ballet, it’s second-nature so it made it easier. But I don’t know what I would feel like if I had to be asked to portray a different character.

What was it like working with Julia Anastasopoulos? 

It was amazing. She’s so much fun. She goes with it. And that’s what’s nice about working with people like that. It actually just reminded me of my cooking show on SABC 3, you just go with what you know. I think that’s what makes her amazing.

Would you consider taking on more acting roles? And if so, what would be the ideal character for you to play? 

I wouldn’t mind the challenge I just don’t know what I’d play. Whatever’s given to me I’ll give it my best.

You travel a lot with Top Billing. What has been your most memorable experience with the show? 

I honestly would just say interviewing Ed Sheeran. It felt like I was interviewing a friend. He was so cool. We were just having a conversation, and those are always the best interviews.

What is one place you’d still like to travel to? 

I think Bali, Indonesia.

If you could draw up a wishlist of people you would love to interview, who would make the cut? 

I’d love to interview Malcolm Gladwell. I would like to interview Warren Buffet. I’d like to interview more business oriented people.

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What are three things your fans would be surprised to know about you? 

1. That I’m actually fun. People think that I’m like a snob, and I’m actually like really chilled.

2. That I like being at home.

3. I really like good food. Whenever I travel I make sure that I go to a really good restaurant. I’m obsessed with stuff like that – trying new food, new restaurants.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Buying a restaurant and venturing out into business things that one wouldn’t automatically think that I’d be in.

What’s at the top of your bucket list? 

I’d like to travel more. I’d like to possibly own a property overseas. I’d like to do business overseas. I just want to live in a bigger world. I want to push myself and challenge myself to think beyond what I’m used to, what I see on a day-to-day basis.

(Photo: Ari Kruger)