Louise Carver inspires with her kind heart and good deeds!

2016-05-23 17:19
Louise Carver (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – We just love when our local stars give back, it just melts our hearts! Musician, Louise Carver, followed in the footsteps of Miss SA, and spent her weekend mentoring a young fan who has endured a fair deal of suffering in her life so far.

Louise posted an image to her Instagram account, sharing the experience she had on Sunday.

"Today I mentored 13 yr old Keely for a tv show where she sang with me on my song, ‘Home’. Last year she spent 200 days in hospital for a serious liver disease. She is a beautiful soul with a exquisite voice. Inspirational day! (sic)"

Not only did the star spend some time as a mentor, but it seems she’s also adopted a new companion. On Monday Louise took to her Instagram account to encorage fans to adopt pets from the SPCA. “Not all SPCA dogs come from abused backgrounds. Some dogs parents have just immigrated or divocred. Adopt don’t buy!” she wrote.

Slow down there Louise, save some good deeds for the rest of us.