Lynn Forbes launches blog with revealing first post

2017-08-01 10:57


Lynn Forbes (Photo: Instagram/Lynn Forbes)

Johannesburg – Lynn Forbes, the grandmother of baby Kairo, launched her very own self-titled website on Tuesday.  

“I made the decision 2 years ago and for the last year I have been talking about launching this website and blog. What stopped me? Fear… it limits our vision. How do we fight fear? With courage. Please visit my website. I welcome your feedback and comments,” Lynn wrote. 

In her very first blog post, Lynn addresses the sexual abuse she endured as a child. “I was sexually abused as a child. My perpetrator was a close friend of my parents. I never told them or anyone else about the abuse and for the last 38 years of my life, I have carried this 'secret' inside me,” she writes. 

She also explains why she decided to open up about the incident. “I have made the decision to tell my story because I am no longer ashamed. I was a child and I did not sexually abuse myself and neither did any other child. Now that I have found my voice, I intend to use it for the purpose of helping others find their voices and speak out against Childhood Sexual Abuse.”