Majozi's letter to his future self proves that dreams do come true

2017-10-17 15:00
Majozi. (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – If there’s anything that we can take away from Majozi, it’s that dreams do come true! 

The musician shared a letter on social media that he had written to himself in 2009. In the letter the star, who was working in a bank at the time, jotted down his dream – to be a musician. 

 “What I’m trying to say is that I’d really like to be doing music. Not someone else’s music or collaborated with anyone (well sometimes) but my own music, from the chords to the lyrics, cuz I guess it’s what I do best! (sic)” a part of the note reads. 

Well, Mojozi can finally say he is living his dream. “I honestly never in my wildest dreams imagined that those same dreams I wrote down would be come a reality 5 years later, (sic)” he captioned the post. 

Take a look at the full post below: