Maleh on music, marriage and motherhood

2018-02-14 10:21

Lesotho-born musician Maleh is officially off the market. The media shy muso reveal to Move! that she has tied the knot with the love of her life and they’ve already welcomed an addition to the family.


Maleh, whose real name is Malehloka Hlalele, is reluctant to go into details about her personal life. However, was willing to give us a glimpse. She says when she released her album You Make My Heart Go was when she fell for the man she won’t reveal. She admits it was the first time she had written so many love songs for an album. “It’s very interesting how music comes to me. I just go with what is going on in my life at that point. At that point I just happen to find the love of my life and I just got married. Love in also in the sense that I felt a lot of love from my supporters in music. Love takes its on course and time,” she explains. When probed about his husband, the muso won’t budge. “I would like to keep him to myself. We want to keep our relationship private,” she says.


But if there’s one thing she willing to reveal is how wonderful life has been as a mother and wife. “I am a mother now. We have two teenagers from my husband’s previous relationship and our little toddler,” she says beaming. “It’s a challenging and wonderful experience. You get to have more respect for the women who came before you. I am balancing to worlds having to shift from taking care of a toddler to raising teens. It challenges the woman that you are. It’s not easy but I’ve grown from the experience,” she admits.


Despite all the motherhood challenges and wife duties she has found time to make and release an album titled Gold Ring. She describes it as a love-dance album which more upbeat than her previous two offerings. She says in this album she was in a place of celebrations in her life. “In my first album Step Child was more self-seeking. The second one You Make My Heart Go I was in love in all its forms,” she explains. The second-born of three sisters says she is in a process of registering her company Lemmah. She has a mentoring programme for young girls who aspire to be artists. “What has become important to me is that I got to a point where I had something to impart. I mentor a few girls about what it takes to be an artist more importantly a female artist. I chose girls because I can relate with young girls because I was once a young girl,” she explains. She says got into the industry when she was still very young and had to be matured early. This is why she believes she has something to give to younger girls aspiring to be where she is.