Manaka Ranaka on being fired from Isidingo: It was very painful

2018-05-23 16:00
Manaka Ranaka
Manaka Ranaka (Photo: Instagram/Manaka Ranaka)

Johannesburg – Actress Manaka Ranaka opened about being fired from local soapie Isidingo years ago, saying that it was a “painful” experience.  

During an interview on the Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM, Manaka was asked about what happened on the show.

The star confirmed that she had been fired after falling pregnant, saying: “It was very painful. It was my first job, I did not want to be a penniless mother. I was already working, I did not see anything wrong that I had done.” 

When Somizi suggested that it may have been a “personal vendetta”, the actress agreed, adding: “When we first told them with my agent, they were okay about it. There was even a water tank in the studio and a couch. And then two weeks later they changed their minds.” 

Manaka says the story-line she had proposed for her character was then used for Hlubi Mboya.  

Even though it’s something that happened almost two decades ago, the star says it’s something that has stuck with her. “It’s not a nice thing to go through because it follows you. 18 years down the line it’s still following me.” 

Listen to the interview here: