Maps on the #AskAMan panel? Bonang thinks it's a good idea

2017-02-11 08:15


Maps Maponyane (Photo:
Maps Maponyane (Photo:

Johannesburg – Maps Maponyane on the panel of Bonang’s popular #AskAMan radio feature? Apparently Bonang thinks it’s a great idea. 

Maps has been known to share a few wise words every now and again on his Twitter page. His fans have picked up on it, and now Bonang has too. 

“As far as relationships/friendships go, be more worried about losing yourself than someone else. You can’t compromise for everyone…” Maps tweeted on Thursday. 

The tweet caught queen B*’s eye. “You should join my Ask A Man panel… you are very wise. Lol!” she joked. 

Who knows, maybe Maps will take Bonang up on that offer.