Mavuso Stokvel: Stokvel for blessers?

2016-05-13 15:28
eNCA CheckPoint (Photo: eNCA/YouTube)

Johannesburg – The word, “blesser”, has been hot on the lips of everyone for the past few days. Still confused about what the term actually means? The Juice covered the basics here.

While "blesser" is fresh in our vocabulary, another money-for-sex scandal has been making headlines.

On Tuesday, eNCA’s CheckPoint, reported on a place called, Muvaso Stokvel.

The stokvel, which takes place every Monday night in Hamanskraal is known for attracting young woman in search of “blessers”.

How it works

Every Monday night, Mavuso Stokvel (Mavuso is slang for money given to a woman after she has spent the night with a man) is open for business. With a total of 45 members, the stokvel is housed at a different location every week. 

At the end of the night, an amount for the week is announced, to be paid by each member.

According to some of the ladies who attended the event, the amount announced is what their “blesser” should pay them, should they spend the night together. If the "blesser" is not compliant, he could be fined.

Is it prostitution?

Host of the event, DJ Papie Sibanda, told eNCA the reason they chose the name Mavuso. “We as the stokvel members call it Mavuso because we help each other achieve whatever we want to achieve in life."

Although Papie admits that some woman attend the stokvel to find a man to spend the night with, he claims that he has no control over it. “It can happen, but it’s their own business. It’s not part of stokvel."

Tsholofelo Mawelela, who attended the event, says that “it’s all about fun”. 

What Twitter thinks

We're not sure what to make of this whole situation, but it's seems that Twitter has it's mind made up. The verdict? Let's just say Mavuso was not too popular on the social media site.