McDonald is tired of KK’s suits

2018-01-23 09:36
McDonald Ndou best known as KK on Muvhango

MUVHANGO actor, McDonald Ndou, is tired of carrying KK’s reputation of being TV’s worst dresser that he has taken to social media to show all and sundry that he is, in fact, a stylish man. For years, his alter ego businessman Khakhathi ‘KK’ Mulaudzi on SABC2’s soap opera, has proven that money can’t buy class and style. With all the money that he has accumulated throughout the years, KK’s success and power haven’t earned him any sense of style.  


KK’s fashion sense has pushed the buttons of the most patient of Muvhango fans. Since he appeared on our television screens back in 2008, Muvhango fans have been plotting on how to set the unlikable and arrogant KK’s offensive shiny suits and bright shirts on fire with no luck. According to fashion critic and designer, Paledi Segapo, founder of fashion label Palse Homme, a shiny suit is one of the biggest fashion offences in the world of fashion.  “The trend died in the 1970s but for one reason or another, it made a comeback in the last few years. The problem with a shiny suit is that it can give off the wrong vibe,” says the designer, who is also not impressed with KK’s suits.


So bad is KK’s fashion sense that the name KK has come to be associated with ugly suits. This has somehow dented McDonald’s personal brand off-screen. But what most people don’t realise is that the actor from Ha-Nesengani in Vuwani, Limpopo, is someone who takes his fashion very seriously. His colleagues say that McDonald might be playing the nasty KK but style-wise, he is on point. “He carries elegant looks as well as he carries off the role of KK,” says one colleague. “Off-screen McDonald is a snappy dresser with an impeccable clothing taste. His real style is an example of modern elegance. He's sleek without trying hard,” says another colleague. They say off-screen, the 35-year-old prefers jeans, T-shirts and stylish tailored suits. 


KK In what has been seen as an effort to divorce himself from KK’s style, McDonald recently took to Instagram to show off his real style. The University of Venda graduate showed off beautifully put together and polished looks. He got compliments, with some people calling for Muvhango stylists to drop his hideous suits for his real-life style. Paledi says what you wear plays a large part in how you are perceived by others. “The fashion image that KK has created for McDonald will live for a long time in many people's minds. It will take forever for McDonald to shake off that unfashionable image. The best way to shake that image off is to be impeccably dressed every time he is in front of the camera,” says Paledi. He says his recent Instagram posts are a step in the right direction, but who’s KK without the shiny suits? The majority fans want the suits to stay.

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