Meet South Africa’s Meghan Trainor and then watch her shake it

2016-08-11 11:37
Irene-Louise Van Wyk, Meghan Trainor (credit: YouT
Irene-Louise Van Wyk, Meghan Trainor (credit: YouTube)

Cape Town – Local music has lots of stars from rap kings like AKA to internationally renowned singers like Miriam Makeba. Meet the newest one: Irene-Louise Van Wyk. 

This local Afrikaans pop star is full of swag and has songs that will get stuck in your head for hours. 

BONUS: She reminds us of international pop star Meghan Trainor, with her strong voice, look and fun videos.

Check out her latest one for her track, titled Vergeet Van My and you might see why we’re calling her South Africa’s Meghan Trainor. 

Get dancing: