Mission accomplished: Brave Minnie Dlamini

2017-06-18 09:16
Minnie Dlamini (Photo: The Juice)

Johannesburg - On Tuesday, I did the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life: I went bungee jumping at the Orlando Towers in Soweto with TV presenter Minnie Dlamini.

She was challenged to #DareWinCelebrate by champagne company Mumm SA.

Mumm has been running its sabrage challenge – which is more than just decapitating a bottle of champagne with a lethal sabre – internationally.

The TV star’s challenge included jumping off what has become one of the country’s most iconic sites to kick-start the South African chapter of the Mumm Global Sabrage Challenge.

And she did it.

Dressed in all white, the presenter paused and jokingly asked: “Who is going to tell my Quinton if something happens to me?” referring to her fiancé, Quinton Jones, who she is set to marry in September.

Then up she jumped, before plunging 100m down the tower. A group of us, including the camera crew, looked on in admiration as she screamed her lungs out.

We waited in anticipation to see what state she would be in after surviving the ordeal.

Hearing the screaming and swearing, a woman passing by and carrying a baby laughingly said: “You woke my baby!”

“It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life,” Dlamini said minutes later.

She said she had some reservations on her way up to the platform at the top and just before jumping.

And during the jump? “I was like no ... no ... nooo,” she responded.

But looking back, she said: “It was fun. I had a blast! It is a good feeling to conquer a challenge like that,” she said excitedly.

Asked whether she would do it again, the former Soccer Zone presenter gave us an emphatic, “No!”

She celebrated her bravery in completing the challenge with a bottle of champagne courtesy of Mumm Brut Champagne – using a sabre to open it the traditional French way.

City Press took the opportunity to ask her what her plans for Father’s Day were. She said she would not be buying her father a BMW X5 as she had for her mother on Mother’s Day last year.

“He will get my love ... that is the present he needs,” she said laughing warmly.

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