Mobi Dixon allegedly robbed of material from upcoming album

2020-02-24 13:51
Mobi Dixon.

In an Instagram post, the artist said even though no life was lost during the car robbery, he lost most of the work he'd done for his upcoming album.

The DJ didn't mention who he was with at the time of the incident.

"Got robbed on Samrand off ramp! Thank God nobody was hurt but unfortunately amongst other valuables my hard drive with data files of my upcoming album was stolen [sic]," he tweeted.

He shared that it's not a good feeling to lose what he was working on.

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"I am still trying to make peace with losing most of the new album and find inspiration to work on new material," he wrote.

The incident comes after Mobi Dixon had taken time off from the studio and performing following the death of singer Nichume Siwundla a few months ago.

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