More details surface after Nasty C car crash

2016-07-11 19:57


Nasty C (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - We spoke to Nasty C’s manager, Zyne Marcus about the car accident involving the Hell Naw rapper, that took place on Friday evening. 

The local rapper, first broke the news of the accident on Saturday, posting a photo from scene of the accident on his Instagram account captioned: "We made it out without a scratch. Thank you God."

According to Marcus, the rapper's bodyguard was driving the vehicle, he was sitting in the front passenger side, and Nasty C and DJ Vinyl were sitting on the back seat at the time of the accident. 

All passengers were wearing their seat-belts. 

We made it out without a scratch. Thank you God.

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The crew were on their way to a gig in Johannesburg when they were struck. The driver hit the front passenger side door and knocked the car off the road into a ditch. 

The accident occurred around 21:25 on Beyers Naude Drive. Marcus reported that they waited for about 2 hours before police offices from Honey Dew police station arrived on the scene. 

Paramedics, who were on their way to another scene, happened to drive past the crash, and assisted. 

"Nasty C sustained minor whiplash. He took medication, slept and after 6 hours he felt much better," said Marcus. 

"The DJ sustained some injuries to his arm, and is currently unable to move it." He added that the doctors hare confident that he will make a full recovery.