Moshe Ndiki’s Christmas gift to his mom brings her to tears

2019-12-18 13:40
Moshe Ndiki

Cape Town - Moshe Ndiki is full of surprises for his mom!

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The 32-year-old has once again spoiled his mother – this time with brand-new smart TV.

Moshe shared a video on his social media of his mom who could not hold her tears upon receiving her brand-new TV.

In the video, Moshe’s mom can be seen crying while the camera pans from her to the TV and decoder.

The star, who recently bought his mom a house, took to his Instagram and shared that his mom will never be in need of anything as long as he lives.

“Surprised my mom with a new smart TV after she said I can get it for her next year , she saw it today and she fell I love with it , who am I not to gift her right now ,Merry Christmas mamawam, soze uswelento ndisaphila. I love you,” he wrote.

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