Muvhango actress Liteboho Molise won’t let negativity break her

2017-12-12 16:48
Liteboho Molise

FOR many celebrity mothers, juggling work commitments and motherhood can be a nightmare, but Liteboho Molise has no complaints. The 29-year-old Lesotho-born actress is handling motherhood and her job with grace and poise.


Liteboho is a private person but beams when she talks about her journey as a mother, saying her family's support made it beautiful and easy. The mother of a two-year-old daughter says watching her grow is one of the most fulfilling experiences. “I know the purpose of life through her. She is the reason I wake up every morning to do what I love. I’m so grateful for her and I believe that God will help me raise her to become a better person. Being a mother is one of my favourite jobs, which I will always put first. I enjoy every single moment of motherhood. My daughter is my source of strength,” she says. She says as a working mom, you always feel guilty when you can’t spend time with your child. “You feel guilty for not being with your baby when you’re at work and when you’re at home, you have so much to do. It feels like you’re not doing the right thing,” says Liteboho. 


You would think the Muvhango actress will bury her head in the sand after the negative reports surrounding her marriage with businessman, Thabo Twala, but the gorgeous actress is not distracted in her endeavour to give her best in her career. Even though there were false reports that she was entangled in a bitter polygamous feud, the actress didn’t let it affect her. She instead continued to focus on her career. “I was strong enough not to let the news get to me as I know the ups and downs of the industry. Regardless of what has happened, I am a strong prayer warrior. I won’t let a single piece of bad writing break me,” she says, adding that the word fame doesn’t exist in her world. “The media sometimes writes what they think they know for the sake of sales,” she says with a giggle. “Some artists find it hard to excel in their work because of one single article. They let it break them. People should love what they do and stop focusing on fame and being celebrities. I do not regard myself as a celebrity, I am known for what I love doing and that is acting.” 


With her political science degree, Liteboho can get a cushy nine-to-five job, but says she prefers acting because she has fallen in love with it. “I have never thought of venturing into what I studied because acting is what I love doing. Getting into politics has a lot of challenges and I am not about it for now. I might consider it in the future, but it is the last thing on my mind for now,” says Liteboho. She says she is happy where she is and happy to be getting other job opportunities as acting has opened doors for her. “I also do voice-overs for Lesedi FM and I endorsed Black Like Me, but the contract unfortunately ended. I am just really happy with the progress I've made in the industry and the job opportunities I have received, but my main focus is Muvhango for now,” she says