Nadia Nakai says she has never felt unsafe while in Nigeria amidst xenophobic attacks

2019-09-03 16:19
Nadia Nakai PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images
Nadia Nakai PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images

Cape Town - South Africa is in a very dark space right now: between the rape, killing and abduction of women, and the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals living in the country, it’s been a tough week so far.

Rapper, Nadia Nakai recently condemned the xenophobic attacks currently happening in popular CBDs around the country, saying when she’s visiting other African countries, she doesn’t feel unsafe or unwelcome.

Bragga took to her Instagram page to share beautiful pictures of her stay in Nigeria.

She captioned the post:

"I was in Ojuelegba just yesterday and never did I feel unsafe or not welcome... they knew I was South African! IT should never be okay to attack and hurt innocent people because A criminal came from their country! We have a whole South African evil man who committed a hideous crime while having so many other crimes against women every day in South Africa, BUT we don’t walk around f*****g up every South African man we see! The violence needs to stop," she wrote.

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