Nandi Madida gets candid about being back at work

2017-03-31 11:01


Nandi Madida
Nandi Madida (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - We spoke to TV personality Nandi Madida about being a first time mom and returning to the BET A-List

Nandi Madida and her husband Zakes Bantwini welcomed a baby boy on 22 November 2016. 

When asked how her 4-month-old was doing, she said, "He is very good. He is loving life. He is getting so much attention. He is the first grandchild for my parents. You can imagine. He is super spoilt. Everyone spoils him." 

She laughingly ads, "But not from me!"

In the background we could hear baby Shaka giggling, as if he knew we were talking about him! 

Speaking about the joys of motherhood she says: "I think more than anything I've been so fortunate that I come from a generation where you can work and be a great mom, and that has been the greatest joy. Obviously it is a constant balance. The fact that I can live my life with my bundle of joy is incredibly fulfilling. When I am with him, I really am genuinely happy to be with him."

The hardest part about returning to work for the BET A-List has been being away from her baby, "I didn't have a nanny for three months. So, I really got to know him." 

"The best part about that is that I actually know my own child. Especially because I am a first time mom, it gave me the opportunity to experience what motherhood really means," she adds.  

"It has been tricky, but I have balance."

Nandi praised the production company and her TV family for being so accommodating during the first couple of weeks on set, "I come and do my thing, I love my team."

When asked if baby Shaka has been on set, she replies: "He hasn't. But he will definitely come when he is a little bit older. Right now he only has like a 2-minute attention span. But I am looking forward it."

Even though her career is very demanding, Nandi stills makes time for herself, "I manage to get my nails done and pamper myself a bit. The strangest thing, he is not a bad kid. He is very peaceful. And I've been fortunate that I can still live my life. It hasn't been that hectic."

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Talking about what we can expect from BET A-List in the future, she says: "More content. There will be a huge change, and a new addition of sorts happening.

"For me, I'll be doing things around the globe. It's a lifestyle show but it doesn't have the same content as other shows. I'm so impressed how our show does the same thing in a different way and makes it exciting and enticing." 

As humble as ever, Nandi was full of adoration for her co-host, Ayanda Thabethe. "I absolutely love working with Ayanda, she is so awesome. She is such a beautiful lady and her star keeps rising as a businesswoman. This year is definitely her year, people need to watch out for her."

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