Nasty C clears up those Sama "diva" rumours

2016-06-28 09:57


Nasty C (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – In an interview with Slikour On Life, young rapper Nasty C decided to set the record straight concerning rumours about him being a diva, after he refused to perform at the 22nd Sama awards in June.

In the video Nasty C is question about everything from his music to his new grills. But of course Slikour couldn’t let the emcee walk away without questioning him about the reason he decided not to perform at the awards. 

“So apparently you were booked for the Sama’s and you said that you don’t want to perform for 30 seconds, how true is that?” Slikour asked. 

Nasty C admitted to turning down the event, explaining why he did so. 

“No disrespect to the Sama’s or whoever was behind that but it is true. I mean, for them to actually just like get artists because of how they are in the game right now if they relevant, and just get you for two minutes, no production, no nothing. For me it was like, it’s a little, I don’t know…”  He also explained that the performance was not for the live event as many people had suspected, but for another Sama related party. 

“They just wanted me to perform one song. Not even one song, two minutes,” he said, adding that he had another event booked on the night, and felt it would be wrong of him to let down fans who paid to see him. 

Nasty C also came clean about Sama organisers refusing to let him walk the red carpet with a monkey as he had requested. “I wanted to have a monkey, and they said no to my monkey, so I said nah.”