Nasty C reflects on all the times people said he wouldn't 'make it'

2017-07-07 19:00
Nasty C
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Johannesburg – Nasty C woke up with a powerful message for fans on Friday, talking about the adversity he faced when he chose rap as a career. 

“I just wanted to speak about something that I was thinking about when I got up. I was thinking about all the times that people told me  that I wouldn’t make it,” the rapper started out in one clip.

He added: “Side note: I think I’m making it. People gave me a million reasons why I wouldn’t make it and why I shouldn’t do what I’m doing right now every day.” 

The muso, who recently appeared on Sway In The Morning said people close to him were adamant that he could not break into the industry because he was not bold enough. 

“Like people told me I wouldn’t make it because I was too shy. My voice just wasn’t bold enough. I’m not bold enough. I just don’t have the looks. People told me I was too soft-spoken. Too much of an introvert to do it. People that were really close to me. so I could have easily just listened to that and stuck to the normal way of living and just like not pursued my dreams.” 

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Lucky for us, Nasty C refused to listen to the haters, choosing instead to prove them wrong. In a second clip the young star said: “But I reminded myself one day that I got up and I wanted to do this, nobody put a gun to my head and told me to pick this. I wanted to do this, so I remind myself of that every day.” 

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