Nataniël robbed while sleeping

2016-06-30 16:20


Nataniel (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - South African entertainer Nataniël took to Facebook earlier this week to recall the frightening moments he went through during a robbery in which he lost more than R100 000 worth of belongings.

According to the singer he fell ill after a recent international trip and struggled to shake the bug. He however continued to perform on stage.

On Saturday morning the local star had a scratchy throat and could barely speak. A doctor prescribed medicine and advised Nataniël to stay in bed for the day in order to perform on Saturday night.

He fell asleep at the residence where he was staying, but almost instantaneously woke up when he heard voices coming from somewhere in the house. 

According to Nataniël he at first thought it was the cleaners coming to change the towels but soon realised that something was wrong.

"I pretended to be a sleep because I was worried that they might be armed. The door was immediately closed and the intruders were screaming at each other. Someone later opened the door again and grabbed my bag and cellphone," Nataniël said.

The thieves managed to make off with more than R100 000 worth of goods including R40 000 in cash and Nataniël's theatre bag which had his clothes, shoes, microphone and make-up in it.

The South African star was later rushed to hospital and treated for exhaustion and shock.

Nataniël is currently back in Pretoria and he is doing well.

You can read the full Facebook post here: