Nicholas Nkuna promises to help #OpenUpTheIndustry by creating jobs

2017-02-08 15:04
Nicholas Nkuna (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Sharing a message with fans on Instagram, actor Nicholas Nkuna says that he will address the #OpenUpTheIndustry issue in South Africa by creating jobs. 

The star posted a snap from his Talk To Me musical, once again bringing up the issue of diversity in the local entertainment industry. 

“I vow to tell real stories, people must see themselves in these plays that we do. NOTE TO CRITICS & HATERS: I don not write for you, I write for real people. To actors who feel there’s no diversity in this game, the whole #openuptheindustry thing: SOON I WILL CREATE WORK FOR YOU,” the actor wrote. 

Nicholas, who is well known for his role as Sakhile on Skeem Saam, will be starring in Talk To Me, a musical which tackles the issues surrounding marriage and divorce. 

Speaking to the Daily Sun, the star says he is concerned about the high divorce rate among you people. Playing Nicholas’ wife in the production is actress Pulane Rampoana. The duo portray a newly married couple who go through a rough patch soon after getting hitched.