Nomsa Buthelezi on what her mother said to her when she came out

2019-07-31 16:39
Nomsa Buthelezi

Cape Town - It’s not easy for many to come out to their families because of fear of being rejected by those they love.

Former Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) presenter Nomsa Buthelezi (35) shares with Move! how her mother Magdalene Buthelezi (59) encouraged her to live as the person she truly is.

"My mother once said to me, 'Nomsa stop living your life for people and embrace who you are. Sometimes you get into relationships because you are scared we are going to judge you. I gave birth to you, I know you. I know you are attracted to women and that’s okay. You are still my daughter'," remembers the mother-of-two.

"My mother was right. I felt like I was living for everyone. I kept thinking 'I am a mother, a daughter and community leader. I can’t let these people down'," she says.

When she stopped thinking about everyone and focused on herself, happiness found Nomsa.

The former AboMzala actress is also in a very happy relationship and getting married in September to her partner Zandile Shezi (33). The pair are excited about tying the knot and cannot wait for their big day.