Nonhle Thema is done with being famous

2016-08-05 11:55
Nonhle Thema
Nonhle Thema (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Nonhle Thema says that she over the whole "fame" thing. 

TV personality Nonhle Thema is one 40 local celebs and influencers featured in Nicky Greenwall's latest book, I am famous in South Africa, a collection of celebrity portraits.  

Nonhle attended a launch at Exclusive Books and posted a picture of herself, holding the book, captioned,"Pretty cool to be in the book ..even though I've grown up and I'm no longer that interested in being famous. (sic)" 

She added that even though she is done with being in the limelight, she feels blessed to one day be able to share this with her grandchildren. 

We wonder what is next for Nonhle?