Nonhle Thema responds to #NonhleThema

2017-08-23 12:31
Picture: Nonhle Thema Instagram

Business woman and personality Nonhle Thema trended on Twitter yesterday for her 'fall from grace' a couple of years ago. Nonhle who was the IT girl in the early to late 2000's was at one point went on a Twitter rampage that many believe ruined her career.

Nonhle who has since apologized for the tweets and how she bragged at one point about earning R10 million trended yesterday when people were saying that life had humbled her.

White that was trending Nonhle herself knew nothing about it as she doesn't Twitter, she is only on Instagram and Facebook.

"I'm no longer on Twitter. I have no idea what's going on there. My Twitter was stolen and hacked six months ago, so I'm clueless to Twitter trends," she told TshisaLive.