Ntokozo Mbambo on what getting awards means to her

2017-09-04 16:58
PHOTO: Ntokozo Mbambo Instagram Page

Award winning Gospel star Ntokozo Mbambo who has received a couple of awards both locally and internationally for her music says she enjoys winning awards and for her awards give her a kind of boost to let her know that she is on the right track.

Ntokozo spoke about this on her recent visit to Anele Mdoda's talk show Real Talk with Anele. "It's really great getting the pat on the back. It's a boost (winning awards). It reminds you that you are doing the right thing. It's almost like a 'keep going, we see you'", Ntokozo told Anele.

Ntokozo who has four albums says awards helps her feel acknowledgement as an artist. 

"It's like an 'we acknowledge you and we see you' and that's pretty dope," Ntokozo adds.

Ntokozo said that even though some people have said that her voice is more circular music she has never considered doing any other music genre other than gospel.

"If I did anything it wouldn't be me. Gospel is who I am," she said.